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2023 Meizhou Party building activities

In-depth study and implementation of the Party's 20 spirit, the implementation of superior party organization deployment arrangements, on February 2, 2023, Shenzhen Liwanjia Party branch organized all party members, party activists to Meizhou for party building education activities.


Ye Jianying Memorial Hall

During the activity, we mainly visited the "Ye Jianying Memorial Hall" and "China Hakka Museum". Through visiting and learning, we remembered the great achievements of the older generation of proletariat of our Party, and revisited the revolutionary struggle spirit of our party which created the red regime from the semi-feudal and semi-colonial old China and never gave up.


China Hakka Museum China Hakka Museum

All party members and activists said after the event that the party building activity was a baptism of the soul. Through this activity, more inspired the majority of party members, young people to learn party history, strong faith, confidence and courage to go with the party, enhance the company's cohesion and combat effectiveness, and provide a solid guarantee for the company to continue to create value.