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Liwanjia Company 2022 annual Western offshore oil spill emergency drill

The exercise aims to strengthen the emergency organization and coordination ability of effectively responding to Marine pollution accidents in the current routine prevention and control work of the novel coronavirus epidemic, and test the on-site response speed and practical operation level of emergency personnel. At 15:00, Lu Weicai, deputy director of the Shekou Maritime Safety Bureau, commander of the exercise, officially announced the start of the exercise, simulating a pollution accident in which 2 tons of oil leaked into the sea due to operational errors during the docking of a foreign ship. Immediately, all parties to the emergency coordination, Nanshan Maritime Safety Bureau dispatched Haixun 14201, Haixun 14207 two Marine patrol ship scene alert, our company "Zhaosheng oil No. 1" and emergency rescue personnel, carrying oil fence, oil receiver, oil felt and other emergency resources rushed to the scene of the accident, the oil pollution control and recovery clean.

Through this exercise, the division of labor and coordination of each oil spill emergency unit in the event of an accident have been tested, the disposal capacity of the dock oil spill emergency joint prevention and coordination has been improved, and the safety awareness of port operation has been enhanced. The exercise achieved the desired effect.

After the exercise, Xu Zitao, deputy general manager of the safety and environmental protection supervision management Department of China Merchants Group, made a comment on the scene, stressing the significance of the exercise, affirming the efforts made by the oil spill emergency units to the exercise, and expressing gratitude for the support of the maritime regulatory authorities.

The units and leaders participating in the exercise also include: Jiang Longze of the Shekou Maritime Bureau, Cao Guangdong and Liu Xianjun of the safety and environmental supervision management Department of China Merchants, Yang Fuyan and Cheng Feng of China Merchants Port, Huang Songhua and Wang Fuchang of the South China Operation Center.