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Liwanjia 2023 ship anti-pollution comprehensive emergency drill

On the afternoon of June 5, 2023, Shenzhen Liwanjia Industrial Development Co., Ltd. participated in the "2023 Shenzhen Daya Bay Sea area ship anti-pollution comprehensive emergency drill", which was held in Daya Bay sea area. During the period, Liwanjia sent a total of 5 oil spill emergency command and more than 20 oil spill emergency operators, two oil spill emergency vessels and related oil spill emergency equipment into the drill. A total of 22 ships of various types were used in the drill, and scientific and technological equipment such as drones, rescue flying wings, rescue robots, and inclined plane oil receivers were used. More than 200 participants participated in the drill. The drill effectively tested the emergency response mechanism of each member unit and improved the emergency response capability of pollution accidents.


This exercise aims to test the two-level Marine emergency management system of Shenzhen and Dapeng New Area and the emergency linkage mechanism of each member unit, and improve the emergency response capacity of Shenzhen and Dapeng New Area to deal with pollution accidents in the east sea of Shenzhen. At 3 p.m., with the announcement of the drill site commander, the emergency oil spill treatment drill officially kicked off. During the period when Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory issued the typhoon white warning, the steering gear of the no-load tanker "Youyun No. 1" from Huizhou port to Guangzhou suddenly failed and collided with a fishing boat "Yu 'an" sailing through Daya Bay, resulting in fuel spilling into the sea and about 3 tons of Marine fuel diesel leaking into the sea, causing pollution in the sea near the nuclear power plant and seriously threatening the safe operation of the Daya Bay nuclear power plant. Immediately, it gradually and orderly carried out five drill subjects, such as danger reporting and early disposal, emergency resource invocation, drowning personnel search and rescue, oil spill monitoring, oil spill containment and recovery. After the accident, the accident ship immediately reported to the Shenzhen Marine Search and Rescue Center, Dapeng Sea Rescue received the emergency alarm phone of Shenzhen Sea Rescue Center, immediately called the 24-hour emergency telephone of "Shenzhen Liwanjia Industrial Development Co., LTD.", and requested assistance in carrying out emergency response work. After receiving the emergency demand, our company launched the emergency plan at the first time. The company set up an oil spill emergency command, and immediately sent 5 oil spill emergency command and more than 20 oil spill emergency operators to the scene, while sending professional oil spill emergency response ships "Zhaosheng You 128" and "Jiangren 06" to the scene of the accident for disposal.


During the exercise, the oil spill emergency response vessels "Zhaosheng You 128" and "Jiangren 06" arrived at the accident site and laid an oil containment fence 200 meters to the south and about 500 meters to the northwest of the oil tanker. At the same time, another oil absorption line was laid around the oil containment fence to prevent the oil from spreading to the waters of the nuclear power terminal and the shoreline of Dapeng New Area. The oil in the oil containment boom is cleared by the inclined plane oil collector and the oil absorbing felt. Under the well-trained and tacit cooperation of the operators in various positions, the oil spill on the sea surface was quickly controlled and removed effectively, and all the oil was successfully recovered.


At about four o 'clock in the afternoon, all the drill subjects were completed, and the on-site commander announced that all subjects of the 2023 Shenzhen Daya Bay ship anti-pollution comprehensive emergency drill had been completed. Then held 2023 Shenzhen Daya Bay ship anti-pollution comprehensive emergency drill assessment meeting. In this exercise, the "government leadership, government-enterprise cooperation, combination of special groups, fast and efficient" was reflected, which fully tested the emergency linkage mechanism of Liwanjia Company and Shenzhen City and Dapeng New District, improved the pollution emergency response capability of Liwanjia Company, and laid a solid foundation for the subsequent oil spill emergency pollution prevention work.